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10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Before Owning One Know It

You want to adopt a cat and hope that your future little companion will be a tender and affectionate animal that will enjoy being hugged by the whole family. If each cat has its own character and the education it receives is of great importance for the tenderness it shows and seeks, It is important to understand that some breeds are considered to be more loving than others. So, if that's your goal, put all the odds on your side by choosing a breed that turns out to be less independent and more cuddly than others. To help you with this, here are our top 10 cat breeds that are considered the most affectionate.

1 - The Devon Rex

This pretty cat is known for being an animal that is very attached to her master. Faithful, loving, loyal and especially intelligent, he enjoys sharing the daily life of the latter and keeping him company at all times, no matter what he does, inside and out. The Devon Rex is therefore the perfect companion for the whole family, both playful and dynamic, sociable, affectionate and adorable.

In addition, it is highly appreciated for its atypical physique. In fact, he has a thin head with a wide and flat skull, with two huge eyes, large triangular ears and protruding cheekbones. His coat is short, curly and extremely soft.

To adopt a Devon Rex from a breeder, it is about 900 to 2500 dollars.

2 - Maine Coon

This beautiful giant cat has been very popular and sought after in France for several years. Originally from the United States, in particular from the state of Maine, from which it takes its name, it comes from the oldest breed of North American cats. The Maine Coon is a loving and very cute cat who always loves caresses and craves for tenderness. Especially patient, he is very suitable for a home with young children, as he will be a good playmate for them, both sociable, constant and affectionate.

The Maine Coon is known for its size, which makes it a huge cat of about 14-16 kg. This bath lover is equipped with a beautiful thick medium-length fur, which, unfortunately, is difficult to untangle. He needed a mistake !

To adopt a Maine Coon from a breeder, you need to pay at least 1, 200 dollars.

3 - the Manx or Isle of Man cat

This small dog without a tail or a very short tail is a very sociable and docile animal. He hails from the Isle of Man and is commonly called the " cat-dog " because of his great tenderness and loyalty to his loved ones. Meek, protective and loving with cuddles, he adheres to all members of his house, to the smallest, to the largest and to the elderly. This matou even appreciates the other animals that live with him, and he can not stand loneliness. Its ideal to lie on a couch for hours and be pampered !

To adopt a manx from a breeder, it costs an average of 600 to 800 dollars.

4 - The Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is valued both for its wild physicality and for its great sociability. It is indeed a loving and great lover of tenderness who gets along very well with the little ones and the big ones. On the other hand, although he is full of affection and hugs for the members of his house, he shows himself more reserved and distant towards strangers. A true little star, he seeks attention and loves to pamper himself as soon as he demands it.

This tall dynamic player has a beautiful short-haired dress with brown or black dots. This appearance gives it a very coveted wild air.

To adopt an Egyptian mau from a breeder, it costs about 1,400 dollars.

5 - The Persian Chinchilla

The Persian is known for his calmness, docility and tenderness. The Persian chinchilla is a Persian category that comes from the cross between a Persian Smoke and a Persian Silver tabby from 1880. Unlike other Persians, he does not have a crushed nose, but he has beautiful green eyes, surrounded in black, and a sublime thick, long and very soft fur of white color with golden (golden) or silvery (silver) reflections.

He is kind and patient and enjoys living in the middle of his house and sharing the everyday life of the little and big, but he also tolerates loneliness very well. As a lover of hugs, he loves to give and receive something.

To adopt a Persian chinchilla from a breeder, you will have to pay about 1, 000-1, 300 dollars.

6 - The Ragamuffin

This other breed of cats, which is called " cat-dog ", is very cuddly. Ragamuffin is an animal that is native to the United States and is known for its high docility. Faithful and faithful, he follows his master everywhere and gets along very well with the children with whom he has fun playing. Dynamic and playful, he loves to be near his own and he can hardly stand loneliness.

Ragamuffin is known for its beautiful long and soft fur. The good news is that it is easy to comb and untangle.

To adopt a ragamuffin from a breeder, you have to pay about 1,000 dollars.

7 - The Ragdoll

This plush cat is generally considered the most affectionate cat and the greatest lover of cuddles. It must be said that his name suggests him well, since ragdoll means " rag doll ". And indeed, the ragdoll likes to let himself fall into the arms of his master and let himself be carried and caressed. So it can stand still for hours, as submissive as a rag doll, to be pampered, cuddled, kissed and scratched.

The ragdoll is also known for its beauty. It is indeed equipped with a beautiful medium-length, dense and very soft fur. This little matou has the particularity of being born completely white, but his coat gradually turns colored from his third month of life. From there it becomes two-tone, colourpoint or mitted. With his beautiful blue eyes, he seduces everyone he meets.

To adopt a ragdoll from a breeder, you will have to pay about 800-1000 dollars.

8 - the sacred of Burma or Burma

The saint of Burma is a very endearing cat and full of tenderness. Docile, calm and affectionate, he is a matou with a unique personality, rich in a thousand and an exciting facet. Faithful and loyal to the members of his house, he is a perfect companion for young children whom he loves. In addition, it is an animal that is valued for its great beauty, especially for its beautiful, deep blue eyes.

To adopt a saint from Burma from a breeder, you will have to pay an average of 900 dollars.

9 - The sphynx

This cat from Canada is hairless or almost hairless, which does not really help her to seduce and please the hearts. Nevertheless, he is a very tender, loyal and very loving matou. Full of affection and tenderness, he is sometimes even called too affectionate with his masters. This big curious loves to share the everyday life of the family and enjoys watching the deeds and actions of each of them. On the other hand, he has the peculiarity that he does not like to lie down on his lap too much, but climbs on the shoulders that accept him to stay for hours to follow what is happening and enjoy the caresses of those he meets.

To adopt a sphynx from a breeder, they cost about 1,300 dollars.

10 - Tonkinesis or tonkinesis

This matou, which comes from the cross between Siamese and Burmese, is another " cat-dog ". He is very intelligent, playful and dynamic, but also very loyal and loyal to his loved ones. Curiously, he is interested in everything that is happening around him, in particular, the activities of the members of his house. Full of affection, he also urgently needs that you take care of him and devote time to him. In addition, he tolerates loneliness with difficulty and needs a constant presence with him, even that of another cat, when his masters are active and often absent.

To adopt a Tonkinese, calculate about $800.

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